Established in 2015, after years of dreaming... it finally came true, we bought land! With the help of a dear friend and mentor, Leon Stevens, we began the long process of clearing land, sowing seed, installing fence and waiting for the grass to grow. We decided to start with the avian species as a means to ease into "Farm Life" and a short time later we acquired our first Full-Blooded Limousin cattle. In a community dominated by Black Angus, we knew we wanted to be different. Through our efforts to acquire the "non-typical" farm breed, we hope to offer something different while educating others on the great genetics, quality and docility of the Limousin breed. 

Chris Conner

Coming from a non-farming background, I felt at a very young age that farm life was but a dream. Land, animals and a farm seemed out of reach for many years, however, through Gods grace and my persistence, my lifelong dream has finally come true. Having animals to love and nurture has always been a calling for me and having a loving and supportive wife makes it even better. While starting slow with only a few head of cattle, I have been fortunate to learn through​ my own trials and tribulations what works and what doesn't. This experience coupled with having some great mentors gives me all the confidence I need to continue growing our herd and farm. 

Samantha Conner

I would say farming was never a dream or a goal that ever seemed within reach. I honestly felt I was not cut out for taking care of animals and several acres. I didn't know how to drive a tractor real well, how to raise baby chicks, much less how to take care of a large animal like a cow. Our journey so far with starting this farm from scratch has taught me so much about myself and what I am capable of. My husbands dream has become mine as well and we are now blessed with this reality. We make a great team and I am excited to see what the future holds for us.

Meet Us

Goals and Vision for the Farm

Our Farm

Purchased on February 2015, our 42 acre farm consisted of a 5 acre hay field and 37 acres of trees and briar's. In order to realize our goals, we made the decision to clear the remaining land and fence it for pastures. We have 35 acre's dedicated to pasture for our growing herd and split out into multiple paddocks for rotational grazing. We are always looking for ways to improve the farm and grow it too, mainly as a labor of love. In March 2018, we were fortunate enough to purchase 65 additional acres with 45 already in pasture and fenced. With this additional land we have plenty of room and capabilities for continuing to grow our cattle herd for years to come. 

Strategy & Sustainability

With the purchase of our Full-Blooded Limousin Cattle, we strive to build our herd to a manageable number through selective breeding, to build upon our existing genetics and quality. Our long-term strategy is to offer superior Limousin cattle to our surrounding area, while educating the local and non-local farmers on the great potential and advantages of the Full-Blood Limousin breed. We will continue our efforts of only choosing the best genetics in order to  grow our farm to it's fullest potential.